Another OT:

Hello All,
Please forgive another OT, but here's my question:
I pretty regularly empty my temp folders and my temporary internet files
But today after finding that my AV software (AVG), which updates and runs
every night, found a virus which it promptly deleted.
OK, so I ran my AVG again this morning just to be sure, and was watching
while it was going and it was going trough a mess-o-stuff in C:\Documents
and Settings\Muggs\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files.
I thought that's weird, I know I usually delete all that. So I go to Windows
Explorer and click down the tree to Temporary Internet Files and it's
"empty", so I RMB and click on properties and lo and behold there's 730MB of
crap in there!!!???
Sooo, my question is; Why does it not show up in Windows Explorer?
Yes, in Folder Options I have "show hidden files and folders" checked, and
"Hide protected blah blah" unchecked.
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Is it possible that you have two Temporary Internet Files folders ? C:\Documents and Settings\Muggs\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Internet Files
Start | Run | cleanmgr should cleanup TIF in path Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
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John Scheldroup
possibly because the items are not deleted yet but held in quarantine by your AV?
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Oh oh, you have found one of BGs dirty little secrets. There are lots of hidden files on your system that duplicate the ones you can see. Especially in the Internet folder. There are some tricky ways of cleaning these out and stopping their collection. But it has been a while.
I use dirms to defragment and if you watch it you can spot some of these going by.
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