API: Hide/show skecthes without highlighting?

This seems straightforward enough: I wish to hide or show sketches,
but the only way I see to do it is with the featuremanager. When
selecting with the feature manager, the damn things get hightlighted.
If Im trying to (subtly) make something disappear, I dont want it to
turn a bright green,
to catch the users eye, before it goes Bye-bye.
The sketch is already hidden in the feature manager, so I dont have to
worry about the dynamic highlighting as the mouse passes over it.
Is there another way of hiding a sketch, or to (temporarily) turn off
the highlighting when the hidden feature is selected?
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The only method I know of it to select and use Part.BlankSketch. You can use events to skip the redraws while selecting and blanking the sketch and then turn them back on. I believe this would be the code for it though I haven't used it myself
Public WithEvents ThisModelView As ModelView
Private Function ThisModelView_RepaintNotify(ByVal paintType As Long) As Long If StopRepaint = True Then ThisModelView_RepaintNotify = 1 end if End Function
Corey Scheich
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Corey Scheich

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