API: Inserting Palette Features

It would be usefull for me to insert Palette Parts through API. I am
thinking of creating a Macro that would create standard linear stock
(angle iron, bar stock, tubing, channel stock, etc.) It would be nice
to be able to create these as Pallete Parts with named dims and edit
the sizes through the Macro. I think It would be simpler than
creating them through the Macro. Anyway It would also be useful for
adding slots and such. Cutting out searching for the items. Thanks
in advance.
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Corey Scheich
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We have all these as templates if you want them. We currently have a program that lets you drill down to a particular part number, and then will open that file in that configuration. I can't send the whole program because it's somewhat proprietary, but I can certainly send you the templates, if you wish. You might have the macro then just open the appropriate template.
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Wayne Tiffany

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