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what is the API equivalent for the interactive: insert - features - imported command to import mutltibody files from e.g. parasolid into a part (not assembly)?

LoadFile3 only creates assemblies for me

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I know this is a bit off topic

But I was going to reply to this Ben and when I hit reply to author I got my e-mail in the To feild? I then did a check on another on line newsreader and also got my e-mail? I did not send this message and am now fearful that someone may be using my email...

I could be entirely wrong here and my machine is taking the Name Ben and attaching my e-mail to the name, what are the chances of that?

If someone has taken my email hostage, what is the next step?

Again, I could be entirely wrong here and if that is the case I do not want to offend the other Ben. I just want to know what is going on here

Ben ( From MoutainWave )

P.S. To the other Ben, you may have better luck at

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finding this command

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Ben Eadie

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