API - Selecting the Normal to a Plane

Hi guys,

Back again for yet another API questions.

I want to test the normal of a planer surface against a plane itself.

To test the surface I simple did the following: ThisFeatureSurfaces = ThisFeatureBackStop.GetFaces For Each i In ThisFeatureSurfaces FaceNorm = i.Normal

I then can user the elements of the FaceNorm array.

For the plane however this does not work. I have also tried using PlaneParams to no avail.

What I've done is select the plane I want then: Set TestingPlane = SelMgr.GetSelectedObject5(1) Debug.Print TestingPlane.Name PlaneNormal = TestingPlane.PlaneParams Debug.Print "Plane Normals = " & PlaneNormal(0) & ", " & PlaneNormal(1) & ", "; PlaneNormal(2)

My first debug does inface verify that I have the plane I want selected however the PlaneParams statement returns the error:" "Object doesn't support this property or method"

Effectively what I'm trying to do is ensure the surface I need to use from the top feature is the surface that is not on the plane or in my thinking has a normal that is opposite.

Thanks in advance for the help again


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Surface::PlaneParams seems only to work for planar surfaces, not datum planes. It is part of the Surface object definition.

For reference lanes, I think you need to use RefPlane::Transform.

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