Arrgh---Explain why split lines have to have one close body in the sketch!

The title says it all.

I have to have split lines around all bolt holes in a model I am preparing for FEA. And there are a lot of bolt holes. It would sure be nice to have all the holes in one sketch instead of one per bolt.


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Use Wrap with Scribe. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it supports the surface you are splitting...

Mike Wilson

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Mike J. Wilson

As long as the surface you are Warp scribing is one sufrace this should work. BUT if you have multiple surfaces I think you are out of luck. Arrgh...I understand your pain.

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Didn't think of that.

The problem with this particular task is that the sketch is obtained by offsetting an already curved circle (through sheet metal bend) and wrapping it twice would introduce even more inaccuracy. I could live with the approximation, but purists wouldn't like it.

And I think Wrap still is limited to one face on one body at a time. I need to hit four faces on two bodies.

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