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For anyone who's interested, my blog has moved. I can see you all are in the middle of a fine flame war, I don't want to disturb that (or get any on me if I can help it).

Anyway, the new URL is

formatting link

Thanks, and flame on.


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Matt, your blog is not only topical hereabouts, but well & humorously written. I certainly understand more having read on.

Traffic up?

Thanks Much -- Bo

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Thanks, Bo,

I don't know if the traffic's up, that's part of the reason for the move. I couldn't tell what the traffic was on the donated space. Plus, it has been less than a day since the move. My personal website material is dated, and this is how I'll update it rather than going though all the white papers and re-writing them. Still no advertising, it was just a move for admin purposes.

The most popular posts to date have been the "stuff you can't say in public", "thinking of going independent", "the difference between modeling and design" and of course the Linux/Mac posts.

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