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I thought the same thing until i read it. think of it as a company newsletter.
which would you rather have, estes who never announces when anything will be released, ROL releases that might be pertinent, or a daily weblog telling when the truck shows up with lasercut parts ?
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tater schuld
My comments follow:
Jerry Irv> >
I thought this was an interesting idea.
To me, it appears to be a webmaster's blog as opposed to a rocket company blog. Matt asked folks for feedback on the website (primarily through The Rocket Forum, I think) and got not only website design feedback but many questions about Quest's offerings and activities.
So, the blog appears to be a personal log of stuff he's found out regarding what folks are asking... sort of like an inside reporter digging out news. Getting to the blog, though, takes a bit of luck and navigation for those who haven't seen Fred's post.
Dwayne Surdu-Miller SAROS #1
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Dwayne Surdu-Miller
A link to the blog is on the main page of the Quest website.
A link that just says Qblog might not give people an idea what it is though.
Brian Elfert
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Brian Elfert
re: qblog
So, is Dane Boles still a part of Quest?
Is "modelaerospace" a division of Quest or a distributor?
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