Bridgeport moved

The quick take is that my Harbor Freight shop crane might have done
the job but I couldn't get it level enough on the dirt and keep it
from sinking in. My neighbor unloaded it with his Bobcat.
I did confirm that a 2T Harbor Freight shop crane can lift a
Bridgeport with the head off.
I did confirm that you can move a BP through a 36" cellar door by
cranking the table all the way to one end - get that side through,
then crank the end that's outside into the inside and walk the rest of
the machine through.
I'd like to submit the sequence of photos to the drop box. It would
be easiest for downloaders if I could submit this as a pdf file with
pictures and captions embedded in the document. I didn't spot any pdf
files there. Can the drop box accept pdf files?
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GeoLane at PTD dot NET
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I've put .pdf there. no problem.
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Karl Townsend
Sure can. There was a nice series of photos on Practical Machinist a while back. With the changes made to there underpinning, my book marks can't find it.
Don't forget to put a .txt file describing the pdf or it will get yanked.
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