Can anyone help with a neat macro?

I've been creating/modifying a macro for excel to help with stability/trim calculations for a submarine (actually an ROV), but I'm stuck and need a bit of help.

I need a spreadsheet that is able to pull mass properties out of an assembly so that I can track the cg, vol, and mass of parts and sub-assemblies relative to the major assembly's origin. What I have currently pulls out the vol and mass of parts (which is good), but then outputs the cg relative to the part's origin.

Is anyone out there interested in taking a peek at the macro used, and seeing if they can add/modify it a bit to output cg's relative to the assembly's origin? I'm pretty certain I need to use the transform2 call, but not sure how to do it. (I will of course post the macro for everyone to use if we can get something working!)

Thanks a lot, Scott

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Hey Scott,

If you want, send it to andrew_(.A.T.)

I'll give it a look.


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Thanks a lot Andrew, I just sent it to you.


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