Can't seem to crack mirroring features-help pse


I'm slowly succeeding to drive SW04. I have a few Q's, but one that niggles me most is mirroring stuff.

For example, I have a part I'm drawing (Where's a good place to post it for you to look at and comment?), which basically a block of metal with a pocket milled out and tapped holes on two opposite faces of the block. Some of the holes are required in the same place on opposite sides, so it makes sense to me to mirror them.

But what do I use as the mirror 'face' that SW wants me to select?

If the holes are say on the left and right faces, I need to mirror around the vertical centreline. In 2D I would just set an attach point to the midpoint of the line defining the top edge as the mirror baseline and job done.

How do I do that in SW?


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In SW you create a Reference Plane. Select one of the faces and select the midpoint of the edge you would have used in 2d. You will have to be careful not to shorten that edge with any features like fillets or chamfers before the plane though. If you add those kinds of features your midpoint will be off centered a bit, and so will your plane making your holes not work quite right.

regards, Corey Scheich

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Corey Scheich

Don't forget about making parts symmetrically about the origin so the reference planes are already in the center. :-)


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Wayne Tiffany

Cool. Many thanks. I figured I'd be missing some simple operation out...

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