Centerpoint Arc to Spline?

I am drawing a centerpoint arc from three points, namely the
centerpoint, start and endpoint. After I have done this I would like
to find the curve object that corresponds to the arc. I use
SketchSegment.GetCurve to do this and it seems that I get the Curve
returned. Then I need the endpoints of the curve in order to find the
curves intersection with a Surface. The problem is that the start and
end points returned from Curve.GetEndParams and Curve.Evaluate are the
same points.
What am I doing wrong? The start param is 0.0 and the end param is 6.3
something, but the both return the same point when I use Evaluate. Am
I getting the start and end points of the complete circle?
Is there another way to get the arc to become a spline?
Best regards
Pål Eilertsen
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oh, an API question... I take it! (but you should have put API in the subject)
2*pi perhaps ;-)
Curves have no endpoints. They are "infinite", mathematically defined curves. Edges (and sketch segments) are only segments of curves. Use Edge::GetCurveParams2 to obtain the parameters of the start/end points Then Evaluate will work, with some extra care...
I would use Curve::GetTessPts to obtain points with the desired tolerance and send it to spline.
The first idea is to use FeatureManager::MakeStyledCurves (equivalent of GUI "FitSpline" function), but it doens't work for a single segment!
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Philippe Guglielmetti

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