complex modeling with solidworks

Hi all!

Recently I've read some postings discussing modeling surfaces with SolidWorks (they date 2001...). I've been introduced to the software a year ago.

I'm not yet working with any add-ins (since I'm using a student edition), but I feel safe to work with it at any model I want to try. Reading the manuals and practicing a little, I've got it's way of doing things.

SW grants you access to work directly in 3D models and faces, and I think that's why most people are confusing things. Someone (don't know who) said that "80% of the today modelers are still working with 2D tools".

If this is true, there are two sides fighting without knowing the possibilities of the other!

Sorry about my poor english, and I like to hear if anyone thinks as me!

Thank you all!

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Alexandre Martini
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