creating a spiral exponential arc.

I need to create a spiral exponential arc with a fix center, but the radius of the arc will increase exponentially along the curve at every

5 degree increment. Is it possible to do this using an array or a circular pattern. any advice would be appreciated.
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SW has the ability to do a spiral, but if you have special requirements like the exponential radius growth, you might have to write a little equation for that. Might be easiest to write a polar equation and convert to cartesian coordinates. I have a macro that you can type an equation into, and it will draw a spline for you.

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go to the Macro library, and it is the eqcurve macro.

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matt (Judora) wrote in news:

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can you write an equation for the curve?

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Lee Bazalgette


you could use Excel to generate a file of points then "Curve through XYZ points" to make a curve.

For more complex things, if you want to create calculated surfaces or if you prefer VB programming to Excel formulas, our free "MathSurf " macro

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) creates files of points for curves and surfaces. Then the free "SketchFile" macro
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creates sketch(es) and even surfaces from the points.

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Philippe Guglielmetti

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