Cut Extrude through a revolve.

I have a revolved shape basically a tube and need to make some indexing
notches that an end cap can index into as it is turned.
The shape is much like a saw tooth edge and the cap has ridges that
nest into these as you turn it.
The problem is that I need to do the cut extrude so that it comes to a
point at the center axis so that the teeth match the contour of the
tube. then I would need to use a circular pattern to duplicate the
Hopefully this is clear, I apoligize if it is not.
an example: sometimes you se an adjustable bracket which is two parts
and a wing nut when you loosen the wing nut a so you can modify the
angle then tighten the wing nut to lock the angle. The teeth are sort
of what i am trying to create.
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Here would be an example, but the shape a bit more complex than the simple tooth on the ring gear in this picture.
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Then what you need is not an extrude but a sweep. Fortunately these can now be patterned. You drive the generatrix in the sweep with directrices that converge in the centre.
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There may be a way around patterning a sweep cut issue. Instead of sweeping a cut, sweep a boss with 'merge results' turn off. Pattern the bodies, make sure they all intersect, 'combine add' them together, then use a 'combine subtract'. I hope this is clear.
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I've done these with the patterned body method myself. Works fine that way. One thing of note: The tooth geometry needs to reduce towards the center symetrically about the parting line between the cap and body to actually function. Easy to see in cross section - hard to verbalize!
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