Tapered Extrude

I have a shape I need to extrude. The problem is that I need it t
taper as it extrudes. For instance, picture a rectangular piece o
tubing with very round corners, that is 2.0" x 1.45" on one end,
need to extrude this, about 6" in length, making both dimensions gro
to 2.5" x 1.95" on the other end, so a half inch taper on eac
How do I do a taper extrude like this? I'm using SW2004
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Use DRAFT when extruding if it angle is same on all surfaces, use FACE DRAFT on extruded faces if angle is not the same.
I think, Jeff
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Not Necessarily Me
If you want exact dimensions you might want to draw both ends in proper relation to eachother and add a simple loft between them.
Other wise you could sketch it out for a sweep with a guide curve.
Or use draft and calculate the angle you need though if the ratios aren't exact It looks like yours are exact so your triangle is 6" x .25 although if there is the possibility of needing one of the dimensions to chang or the ratio changing you will have to start over wheras the other two suggestions have a bit more leway
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