Dear Solidworks.

Can you be any slower? Why not take a year off of designing a flashy
UI and make your program more stable.
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Sorry. SW is used by designers, but it's sold to demi-competent managers. Gotta keep those bells & whistles a-coming. Oooh! Shiny!
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Dilbert's manager rules!
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solidworks has the potential to be a decent program.
it is a shame that it isn't and will never be.
bob z. will not have to use swx some day and that will be a day of immense celebration.
bob z. p.s. death to solidworks
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bob zee
I no longer care which software lives or dies.
Once apon a time I used a CAD program and tried to give suggestions on where design software was going in easy 3D usage and low cost (compared to ProE), and I was ignored repeatedly. It taught me to be quick to add other software to "do the job". I didn't hesitate to get SolidWorks when it was needed, and I won't hesitate when a need driven by a customer pushes me in some other direction.
There's no upside to sticking around with people or software who have their feet in concrete.
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No kidding, I "upgraded" to SW 2008 and it's unbelievably slow and flaky, buggy, crashy. Disappointing but hardly surprising.
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