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I'm hoping someone can help me out with this. We are running SW2006 SP4.1 and are having problems with the densities in assemblies. It seems I have to go into each part and edit the material for it to recognize the density preset of the material. For cold rolled steel we are using .284 lb/in^3. It will also not recognize the preset hatch pattern of the material unitil you edit the material. It is causing problems when we need the mass of an assembly, as it seems to just average out the various densities of lower parts. I have the density manager plug-in from

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but that does not seem to be working. Anyone have similar problems, or have an idea on how to help?



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I have not tested the Density Manager apps beyond SW2003. I will try them and see if they work on my SW2006.

Have you tried the macro version?

I will investigate and post here to let you know.

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I just tested the 2003 macro and the addin on SW2006 SP1.0. No problems here.

Can you tell me what is happening? Does it install and not function? Does the install fail?

Other questions: Do you have admin rights to your workstation? Did you disable virus protection during the install? Is the addin activated? (check under "Tools --> Addins")

You can contact me directly through the customer service email link on

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