Drawing of "partially manufactured" part?

Me again.
I'm working on a part that will be manufactured in two steps:
1) a fairly complicated turned base shape
2) a complex cut-out.
In SW the part is made in the same two steps: a rotated base shape and a
linear cut out. Unfortunately, after the cut is made, there's hardly
anything left, and it is difficult to visualize the turned shape. So I'd
like to make a supplementary drawing of only the turned shape.
The problem is that I can't suppress the linear cut in an individual
drawing or view. Of course I can suppress it, print out the resulting
drawing, and then go on to make the drawing of the final part.
Which is the way I did it (including striking out the bits
by hand and replacing them with a real diameter symbol, see my other
post), but this isn't really the SW way of doing things.
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Then make a config that shows only the turned shape.
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Jean Marc
On Tue, 11 Oct 2005 10:09:30 +0200, Jean Marc wrote in Msg.
Stupid me. Thanks again!
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