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from drawings, yes.... 3D dxf, no
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Yes that is what I meant. I am thinking about moving from Inventor to SW and I need that ability.
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Dxf3DExport is a SolidWorks Add-In I developped to export 3D geometries from SolidWorks to AutoCAD.
To install the Add-In, just copy Dxf3DExport.dll in the Apps directory of SolidWorks (create it if it does not exist). Dxf3DExport will be automaticaly loaded with SolidWorks.
To download Dxf3DExport ->
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-> Téléchargements -> Divers
You will also find another free utility called UnfragAndZip that lets you unfrag and zip an assembly with all the assemblies and parts it contains in a single zip file.
If you are interested in Kinematics and Dynamics, you can have a look to Meca3D (informations in English :
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; an evaluation version - in French - can be downloaded (Téléchargements -> Meca3D SolidWorks).
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Pascal Scanu
Yes, you can save drawing files in DXF or DWG format.
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Double Ace

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