FYI Solidworks and Catia tutorials offer

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is offering Solidworks 2007 Basic and Catia v5
tutorials for a limited time offering of $25.
I have used these and they are extremely professional, you wil not
get a better deal.
I have no connection to them other than being a satisfied customer.
Even the advanced tutorials for Solidworks at $95 are a steal.
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Phil Evans
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Dear fish named Jon,
The SolidWorks course is not $25 JON! I kept asking you how much their SolidWorks course costs and you never answered, you still haven't.
Jon clue: The hook that sets in the fishes mouth is $25.00.
That would be where you keep saying the myigetit $25.00 SolidWorks course is comparable to the SolidProfessor SolidWorks course you paid $600.00 for. If they are comparable why did you pay $600.00 when you could have paid $25.00 for the same information?
Do you yet have a clue how much the myigetit SolidWorks Course Costs, that would be the FULL course that is somewhat comparable to the SolidProfessor course?
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You just made JB's head explode!
Do you think he'll actually look to find out how much it costs? Or will he just keep going around throwing out the $25 dollar price?
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So for $25 dollars its now BETTER than the $600.00 SolidProfessor course you bought? Guess that makes you real smart then.........
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