I had the same question, but was beaten to it!
So stolen from Solidworks community and posted here :-)))))
Can you emulate a globe in SolidWorks? Using a *.jpg "decal" of a world map,
how do you wrap it and get the edges to match at the poles? And if possible,
how do you do this so it is viewable in an e-drawing?
--Jeff Gray, Designer, TGM Incorporated, Richardson, TX, USA
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I believe you would have to use Photo Works and use the width height of the map to match your circumpherence for width and half of the circumference for height but I haven't tried it so feel free to let me know if it is right. I don't think you would be able to put this out to Edrawing but you could animate it using Animator in conjunction with PhotoWorks to create an AVI.
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I tried that and ended up with two decals on the globe, one on either side?? But thanks for trying to help, I will keep trying. :-)
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