Polish camo 1939

Looking for some thoughts on Polish camo in 1939. I have a small pile of
PZL 11Cs and 23s. I have seen the upper camo on finished models and in
profiles varying from green to greenish brown to brownish green. I have a
line on a couple of the Profile series booklets for the 23 and the colors
on that look green.
IPMS Stolkholm lists
Light Khaki (Khaki jasny) for Upper surfaces of fighter and reconnaissance
aircraft. Also present in Lublin R-XIII camouflage
FS:30118 Testors miltiary brown very brown
Hu:142 Field drab. Got a bit more green in it.
The blue gray for the undersides I'm not so worried about
The one at the Aviation Museum in Kraków seems to color shift depending on
angle and sunlight in the pictures, looking brown in some and green-brown
(khaki?) in others.
I'm not pendantic about colors, mind you. IMHO most paint in the period
experienced fade and color shift depending on how long they were in service
dependent on the quality and composition of the paint, sun, weather and the
more immediate problems of trying not to get killed while killing the other
guy. And apparently the Poles had much more important things to worry about
and much of thier records were destroyed.
So an exact match is not required but a relativley good starting point
would be nice. One gets the impression that the Polish aircraft were well
maintained until the war started went through a brief series of combats and
the survivors were destroyed or impressed into German and/or client states
service after which the national markings were painted over at least or
national colors were applied. So an in-service Polish air force should have
been in fairly good shape overall, modest fading and chipping, etc.
Anyway the 11c really tweaked me after taking a good look at it. Very
interesting state of the art at one time. Gave the Germans more a fight
than the expected. Might have to do a Do-17 to go with them. Might make for
a good cieling hanger dio. Revell, Heller, Encore and 2 of the more recent
ones from Poland direct via eBay. And the Karras looks kinda cool, too, a
type that was just getting past being competitive as the war broke out.
Giving some thought to the Eduard PE for the 23.
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