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Does any one know where I can get a Solid Works model of a Briggs & Stratton
twin cylinder 16hp-24hp engine
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I am sorry to say that the chances of you finding a model of the engine that you want from someone willing to share it with you are very remote. Considering what the final cost of the model would be, to the Client, it would more than likely be labeled "Proprietary" and automatically come with an unwillingness to share. I traveled this very road, not all that long ago, looking for a 12 HP Tecumseh Vertical Shaft Engine. I found the best that I could do was to purchase a Replacement Parts List, from a Tecumseh Distributor for around $20.00, and it came with some pretty clean line drawings, of isometric exploded views of all the parts and their location. I then found the engine on a Riding Lawnmower-Tractor combo, at a Home Depot, or Lowes, I forget which, and took digital photos of it from any view that I could and I took an accurate measurement of the gas tank. With simple mathematics I was able to calculate the size of all the parts and I believe the model ended up pretty accurately drawn to scale.
Good luck, G. De Angelis De Angelis Tool
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I coulda swore I remember some Inventor (Ade$k) or MDT user offering some data (it would be in ACIS (SAT) format). anyhow, I would guess someone has it in a basic 2D format and you could do a crude solid format?
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