Help! API: Trying toforce SW to Run Minimized

I have created several .exe's that open Sw parts, insert a design a table
save and close. The exe inserts the Dt's into all pertinent parts and assys
and at the end of it all I get various configuration with various options
which I entered at the beginning of the process. On some service pack for
2004 I lost the ability to minimize SW while the exe was running and hence
the ability to do something else while the model was being generated. Some
models take 10-15 minutes to build so its a substantial nuisance.
I am wondering is there is any sort of method or command I can put into my
.exe that will tell the SW application to run minimized?
Any help is truly appreciated.
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Simcoe Warrior
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In passing I will note that the serving of .zip files on the subscription service seems to be down this weekend.
Simcoe Warrior wrote:
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