I am trying out a demo of nPower Software's Power Translators Pro, using it to import SW files directly into 3ds max without ever opening them in SolidWorks. So far I have had pretty good luck with SW parts and assemblies I have on hand, but I wanted to know if anyone else has used this software and what they think of it. In particular, I am looking for feedback on

- SolidWorks features or functionality that cause import problems

- Insight into the best way to use Power Translators Pro in workflow with changing SW parts/assys

- Any stability problems that you saw in 3ds max

and the big question

- If all I do is animation and rendering, can I get rid of my SolidWorks license altogether? Why would I need my SW license going forward? Maybe to suppress/unsuppress features prior to import?

Please let me know your experience, as I only have a limited time to work with the demo. I would love to take my SW maintenance dollars and put them towards this software instead.


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PS: If you have not seen this software and bring content from SW to 3ds max, then you should check it out. It looks like they are bringing the NURBS surfaces over to 3ds max and letting you tesselate them on the fly.

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