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We do the ordinate dimensioning of the flattened view in he drawings. There is a small profile in the flattened view for which I am creating a detail view. I want to transfer or create the ordinate dimensions for the profile keeping the 0,0 reference point in the parent flattened view. I am not able to figure out a way to do it keeping the detail view in relationship with the parent. Any help will be greatly appriciated.

SWx 2003 SP5.1

thanks in advance kavneet

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Are you looking for the same dimensions in both the parent and the detail? I believe you have to recreate them again.

I tried multiple configurations and still can't get what you want with ordinate for 2004.

For linear dimensions, the imported dimension would be inserted into the Detail first, you would still have to add dimensions to the parent.

Maybe someone else has the answer you are looking for. Good luck

Regards, Marie

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I imagine that I remember working around this once....

1-Define the detail view so that your origin feature is visible in the detail. 2-Create some ordinate dimensions. 3-Edit you detail view to show only the portion of the model you originally wanted. 4-You may need to hide the new origin ordinates. I can't remember if they will still be visible outside the detail view.
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Dale Dunn

Take your detail circle in the parent view and expand it until it covers the

0,0 reference points. Then add your ordinate dims 0,0 ref to the enlaged detail view. Then shrink the detail view in the parent view back down. You will be left with your original detail view and the ordinate ref somewhere outside the view. Add the rest of your ordinate dims to the detail view by using the add to ordinate command and clicking on the new 0,0 ref.

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Randy Story

Then at the end, you need to hide the ordinate dims that are outside the detail view boundary so they aren't floating in space.


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Wayne Tiffany

Thanks, your right.

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Randy Story

Thanks everyone,

That was a useful tip for keep going. But I guess solidworks should provide something by which we can say `add to ordinate' to the origin in the parent view and start dimensioning in the detail view. In that fashion if I change or delete the 0,0 reference in the parent view, the dimensions on the detail view should get updated or deleted accordingly.

anyway thanks again folks. regards Kavneet

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