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I have recently been given the task of making some changes to a Model/Drawing created by someone else. Because of errors in the use of

configurations by the originator (plus others after him), I have had no

choice but to delete several views and recreate them. The problem is the same model (flat strip with holes) has been inserted in the assembly 4 times with unwanted holes being hidden in various strips in the drawing. Easy enough I thought, but despite obeying all the rules to "Hide" certain features, none will adopt the hidden state. The "Hide

Edge" command does not appear when right clicking after selection of edge, and the selecting then choosing "Hide Edge" in the Drawing Toolbar does not work either. I have looked at the Help Topics and followed the guidance to no avail. Complete components can be hidden without difficulty. Any help please!

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It sounds like you need to fix the configurations. Set up a configuration of the part for each different view. You will probably need a configuration of the assembly as well. Then change the configuration of the assembly and part shown in each view to the "correct" one.

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