honeymoon is over!

I really was starting to like (maybe tolerate is a better word) SW2008 until
today. The main thing I hated with 2007 has rear it's ugly head again. I'm
speaking of the random toggling of the "Dynamic highlight from graphics
view". Any word on what is causing this?
Another issue which might be the 3Dconnexion software is my custom button
going away. We have the SpaceNavigators here. I leave the left button
programmed with the default 'fit' and custom the other button to be 'S' to
bring up that handy little menu. Just when I'm starting to get a handle on
the interface my custom button goes away.
Oh well, I guess I can wait for SW2009 to fix...
Excuse my rare ranting..
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Last time I saw that was when I opened file formats like IGES, STL, Rhinoceros...Don't know if that's the only reason, but in my case it did the "ugly trick"
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Markku Lehtola
Yep, importing data is the most common reasons why the highlight selection mode changes. It's been doing this since as long as I can remember... I've reported it, it's documented and it still is a problem. Also, crashing will cause the settings to change. And, if you are using different versions, still,.. when you make changes to the interface... some of the settings on other version will change.
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Hey where did you find the 's' key to 3dconnexion button setting I can not find it?
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Hi there,
I always have my solidworks reg key (SW2005, SW2007, SW 2008) exported to the desktop. As soon as I experienc such strange behavior I reset the refering reg key. Sometimes I need to reset all three ;-)
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