how are sp2.1 lofts?

I opened the snowboot part that was posted here a while ago and it seems that the loft has changed again?got some fins on it now- moving around connectors didn't seem to help much- could be me though...

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Hi Neil, I'm not sure when the algorithms changed, but I do know that if you open my Alien Head part file in SP0, you will see some tangencies around the nostril area fail after doing a CTRL-Q on it.

This was the same bug I noticed way back in this post...

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That boot to me was such a bad example since I used very lousy modeling practices (I was in a hurry and just needed a half-fast part for looks), but I do know that it does not fail in SP0 after CTRL-Q. Maybe it's so bad it kind of exposes slight changes in the code?

What I haven't figured out is if things changed from SP1 to SP2 (or SP2.1).

I haven't had time to D/L 2.1 yet, but if you can do the CTRL-Q test with the alien head only (not the assy) on

2.1, you can verify if indeed it has changed again.

The alien head was done entirely in SP2.0, so what you need to do is stare at it's ugly mug until the rebuild is done to see if something has changed because, most likely the Feature Manager will not show an error. Just don't blink during the rebuild ;^)

I have been working on complex shapes in 2.0 for other clients so I will be darned sure to let everyone know if something changes in those parts when I do eventually get

2.1 installed.

Mike Wilson

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