How do you easily redimension parts in an assembly?

I'm new to SolidWorks, and I'm using the program (2001 version) to help me design a jig that I will be building. I've drawn the parts in SolidWorks and combined them in an assembly, assigning them arbitrary dimensions so that I could make the desired mates. Now I want to go back and redimension the parts. How can I do this easily (i.e. without going back and changing the value of each dimension and without redoing the mates)? I looked through the help file and I only found something on linking dimensions (which only seems to work for the component files, not the assembly file). Are there any ways to easily redimension or link dimensions of parts in an assembly file?



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There are several ways. One is to double click the feature in the graphics are, which displays the dimensions, then double click the dimension to edit. The same can be done on the feature in the feature manager to display the dimensions. You can RMB the part in either area and select "edit Part", which will turn it salmon. You can then edit sketches, definitions, whatever. There are many ways, but these are the ones I use.


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You can link part dimensions, in an assembly, with equations.


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Mark Mossberg

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