How to draw Logarithmic Spiral ?

Hi ! All

Please help me. who can tell how to draw Logarithmic Spiral? The spiral has the equation r= aE^bt.


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There is a spiral function in SW under insert\curve\helix, not sure if it fits your equation.

Or I have a macro that plots an equation as a spline.

formatting link
go to Macro Library link.

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Hi! Sir

Thank your support very much .

When I run macro " eqcurve - input an equation (quadratic or periodic functions) and SW creates a spline curve (Matt Lombard) ", It interrupt by this " Set selmgr = Model.SelectionManager() ". Could you give me a hand ? Please tell me how to troubleshooting.

My PC SW's version is solidworks 2004.



"matt" ???????:

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