How to draw slot cam ?

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Any body can help me.Please teach me how to design slot cam by using solidwork?


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The method of designing a slot cam is pretty much entirely dependent on the function you want it to perform. Slot cams can do a lot of different type things. This is entirely INdependent of SolidWorks. All you need to know for Solidworks is how to work it . . . period!! And nobody here is going to teach you basics, although specific modeling questions will likely be answered. If you can tell us a fair bit about your application perhaps someone here can give you some hints. Otherwise there are some books that can help in learning about cam design of all sorts. One is "Illustrated Sourcebook of Mechanical Components" by Robert O Parmley (McGraw-Hill, ISBN #0-07-048617-4). An entire set of four VERY good books is named "Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors", editor Franklin D. Jones (Industrial Press, ISBN for 4 book set #0-8311-1084-8). Individual books of the set can also be bought (each has its own ISBN). Go to

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to see them. As I remember, the first chapter of each book is on cam design for various applications and of various difficulties. If you can't understand a fair bit of math, though, go get an engineer to help you.


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