HP 350c plotter problems

I have 2 of these plotters and I can't get either one to work! They are
both recognised by the PC. I have tried to get them to work on a pc
with windows xp pro, and another one with windows 98 se. I got a test
page on the xp box, then could not get a second one. I can't even get
a test page on the 98 computer.
I'd really like to get one of these plotters working. If anyone has one
of these running, I'd really appreciate any help or suggestions on how
to get mine going.
Thanks very much.
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My sincere sympathies, Jim. IMHO the hardware of the 350C model is garbage and the drivers are worse. If you ever get them working right you'll be replacing cartridges every other plot, trying to get the (expensive) dried out cartridges to work, and tearing your hair out when they stall, balk, lock up and intermittently die. Do yourself and your company a favor -- unload BOTH of those pieces of shi ... uh ... junk and buy ONE 750C, which will do more work (of much higher quality) than both of those 350Cs together will ever do for you, even if you get them working.
'Sporky' Been there, done that . . .
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These plotters seem to like plenty of regular use or The cartridges can dry up and are a pain to clean. But I found the biggest cause of problems was the main linear bearing drying up - make sure the main left to right - carriage guide is 1st cleaned and then lightly lubricated.
Then (without a pc connected), load a piece of paper (any size) making sure it is in square (an art in itself !), then ssimultaneoulsy press the 2 sample plot buttons - this should plot out a complex architectural plot and you can see if its working or not...... only then bother to set up with PC.
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I have been able to get an internal test plot to work. The cartridges are a little dry, but good enough to get that test plot to come out. I can't get them to run from the PC, though.
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J & J
Thanks Sporky. I've sure spent enough time trying to get them to go. I'm tempted to set up an old pc with windows 95, just to see if they'll print off of that.
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