Inserting points at intersecting curves macro

I need to write a macro that inserts points every time two curves
intersect to each other.
As you know, SW is not capable to create a intersection point,
reference point command, out of two 3D curves (it only works either
with two straight lines or one straight and one curve...I can not stand
this limitation by the way!) So if you can help me or you have already
done this macro I will be highly appreciate it.
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What program have you used that does this, and what was the accuracy of this system. 3D curves (splines) are approximations so anywhere they intersect would be an approximation. Solidworks doesn't handle these inaccuracies very well.
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Eek, that sounds hard to me.
I suppose the user would specify two curves. The macro would then probably subdivide the curves into points based on their length. You would then compare the sampling points from one curve to the other and find out which ones are near eachother. You would then resample the curve at the "close" areas to further increase the accuracy until you found what you considered "intersecting."
So it sounds like you need a recursive function and you'll have to deal with 3d transforms to find out how far apart points lie based on the x,y,z planes. Let us know if you figure out how to do this. MM brings up a good point that you will have to specify what is "intersecting" because i bet the numbers change around a bit.
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