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I have been a Inventor user for the past 2 yrs. How difficult is it to switch to SolidWorks. From what I see they are very similar. But being a contract machine designer some clients seem to think it's to different to pick up quickly. Can I get feedback from other users with there opinions.


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IMHO I think that going from one 3-D modeling package to another is not difficult at all as long as you have a good understanding of 3D modeling and skills in general. Once you have that most of the problems you will encounter will be finding what command in program A relates to the same command in program B.

After you get that handled figuring out legacy data and what to do with it will be your next challenge.


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Ken Maren

I migrated from AutoCAD to SolidWorks a couple of years ago, and have also used Pro/E in the past. When I made the decision to move to SolidWorks for the company I am with now, I looked at Inventor, but I don't know much about it specificly. But, moving from one 3D design package to another is not difficult in my opinion. You've got the basic skills and your mind is geared to think 3D. What you have to learn is 1)terminiology differences, 2)command locations, 3)what SolidWorks can or can not do compared to what you did with Inventor.

If you are a quick learned and do not require a lot of one on one training, jump into it. Solidworks probably will not be a problem for you. If you need a little instruction, there are plenty of resources available (this news group, SWX VAR training, books etc.).

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A friend of mine changed jobs a while back, so he had to go from Inventor to SolidWorks. He said the hardest thing he had to learn was that he didn't have to worry about crashing all the time....

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Steve Rauenbuehler

I teach both Inventor and SolidWorks. In my opinion they are so similar that anyone who is halfway competent in one who cannot quickly develop the same level of competency in the other needs to consider a change in profession.

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