Is anyone using the CAM gold partner SolidCAM ?

CAM users,
Most attempts at totally integrating CAM in to SolidWorks have either not
happened (years ago Mastercam and Surfcam tried) or the one that did become
gold and has lasted (CamWorks by Teksoft) has generally thought to not be
very good when you get beyond very fundamental 2D stuff.
A few years ago the product SolidCAM became a SolidWorks gold partner. The
company and the individual Dr. Emil Somekh from Israel that created this
product has a long history in CAM (company formerly was know as Cadtech) but
primarily that history is not in North America. They seem to be most
prevalent in Germany, Italy, and the Pacific rim. They claim 8500 seats
throughout the world.
Does anyone out there have this SolidCAM product and if so could you provide
any comments on it. Of primary concern would be the more complex 3, 4, and
5 axis simultaneous milling.
Thanks Much
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Try asking in alt.machines.cnc
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Bad advice.
Dave's asking about CAM software, alt.machines.cnc is a political group.
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Black Dragon
comp.cad.solidworks gets a few off topic posts per week from its regulars, while alt.machines.cnc gets ~100 per day thanks to people like you and your buddy Gunner.
Anyway, anybody can copy and paste the translated poem from the site that "That70sTick" posted. You just proved it.
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Black Dragon
Dave? or John,
I used it; in it's infancy, I believe. I have some opinions. If you're not a troll, e-mail me. We can discuss it's merits. Watch out for the bug.
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We are using it, email me if you want my bias opinion as I don't like to talk shop in the politics froups. :)
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Brian J. Fisher

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