Job opening-NY-Long Island

Engineering Designer/ Drafter
Location: Long Island , NY
Job Description
Our client, a Long Island Equipment/Systems Designer/Manufacturer, is
seeking a Designer Drafter. The ideal candidate will possess
Associates Degree in Technical field (Mechanical Engineering is
preferred) with 3-5 years experience.
Must have a broad base of skills and experience in mechanical design
techniques, basic engineering principles, materials, processes and
standards. In depth CAD design knowledge and strong 3D modeling skills
are required. Proficiency in SolidWorks is a must. Must be a team
player with good communication and organizational skills. Experience
with metal part design including forging, stamping and casting is
Detailed Responsibilities:
Create/Develop accurate 3-D CAD designs and assemblies and provide
detailed drawings. Assure the completion of the design drawing
documentation package for the project that he/she is assigned to.
Communicate effectively with the Model Shop and factory in the
development of prototypes and fixtures.
Create flyers and artwork for current and new projects.
Address issues from, and provide information to Purchasing,
Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Sales to ensure that designs
will implement smoothly into production.
May be responsible for construction, evaluation, testing and
documentation of prototype assemblies and subassemblies.
Perform other Engineering, or other, duties as requested by the
Director of Engineering .
Please email resume to mc @ n a t i o n w i d e j o b s dot c o m
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Mike Clemente
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Just a question to anyone reading, but do you think the responsibilites listed below are typical of that of a designer/drafter, or would you think this more in lines of someone with a full Engineering degree, as some of it appears to be project management?
Just looking for comments.... :)
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The requirements would definitely take a well seasoned designer to fulfill. Maybe they feel they can't afford an engineer, but a Designer with these qualifications isn't going to be cheap.
=========================================================================== Chris
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Chris Dubea
It's about what I do, less the forging and stamping. Small company, I wear many hats, wish I got paid for them all.
"Back in the old days" many of these were the engineers job, but they're too busy in Sales now.

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Heh...yea - The reason I was asking was that I had looked at this and said "hey, that used to be my job decription at my last company!" - then I did a little digging and found out that it WAS my last company and they are looking again to replace the person who replaced the person who replaced me after I left 2-1/2 years ago :) (follow that?) You are somewhat correct though except that it's not because they can't afford an Engineer, it's that they are bit too "frugle" to do it. ;)
I'm just glad I'm not looking or in need of a job right now, as that would have been a bit embarasing to submit a resume to a company I left! But like I said, I was just curious on what people's thoughts were on the job description vs. who they think could fill it....Guess I'm "well seasoned" :)
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I was attempting to be diplomatic. The word cheap jumped in my mind, but my "seasoning" stifled my impulse to use it.
I know the feeling.
=========================================================================== Chris
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Chris Dubea

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