Well I'm working on a model which is having almost 100 configurations. Though I'm able to generate the part using the design table, but rebuilding everyone and checking is like a trouble thing as the model contains a seep feature thats take too much time to rebuild. Also I had never used the macros. So if anyone can help me out by sending me a macro (if possible) which can regenerate/rebuild each configuratios so that I can save my time and use it some where esle or if some one can guide me how to make a macro for this work

Your early reply will be very helpful to me.

Thanks & Regards

Deepak Gupta

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It's always a good idea to learn by doing. I would start out by recording a macro. This will copy whatever it is your doing in SolidWorks into a VB macro for you. You don't need to have programming experience to try this. wrote:

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I would be nervous about a model with 100 configurations. I suspect this is getting into the area where SW starts to flake out. As I recall, a company in our local users group ran into trouble when they got into the couple of hundred configurations range. They eventually gave up and started making single configuration models.

On the other hand, maybe SW is getting better at handling large numbers of configurations.

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Jerry Steiger

I could be wrong, but isn't there a macro like that on the SW subscription site? Or is it in the Help examples?

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Thx for the idea

will try it out

Thanks & Regards

Deepak Gupta wrote:

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I have one that I wrote that will go through all the configs in a file and maximize the view isometric. As it is written, though, you have to push a button each time to go to the next config. The purpose was to be able to loop through the configs to check things, etc. Free if you wish.


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Wayne Tiffany

thx for the help.

i did it

i made a macro for 3 configs and then copy paste the lines below them. then edited the macro by putting in the new config name inplace of older one and have the work finish.

thx for everyone who helped me out.



Wayne Tiffany wrote:

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