Missing entities

Hello there
Could you guys be so kind, and look at the model I've attached, and
answer 2 questions:
1) I don't see the "Cut-Extrude12" and "Cut-Extrude13" entities. I can
see them on the entities tree, I can edit their definition and
scetches, but I can't actually see them on the model
2) When I switch to shaded mode, I can't see the "Cut-Extruded8"
holes. Why is that?
I use SW2003 educational edition. It happens on several computers.
Ideas anyone? A pint for an answer.
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Victor Chernov
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I don't think Standard SW can open Education files or was it only PE.
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This NG doesn't allow attachments. Send it to me at:
snipped-for-privacy@home.net Replace the "home" with "comcast", and I'll have a look.
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