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We have problems with view edges going missing in SW drawings on views that are associated with section views that have a view break in them. (I saw a similar post to this called "missing detail drawing view" dated Jan 2008 but there were no solutions posted and I can't seem to add to the discussion so have had to create this new one.) The only solution so far is to jigger about with the views either by shifting the break position or changing the display from e.g. shaded to shaded with edges to wireframe and back again. That will fix the problem eventually but if the drawing is opened again and the model needs to regenerate that we're back to square one because the edges disappear again.

Anyone still having this problem? Anyone got a solution?

Thanks, Bill

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Bill Baffin
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hmm,.. try to apply a silhouette edge on face for that orthographic profile and see if that works?


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There is another thing you need to look at before creating any edges. There is a setting for line quality in Document Properties. Your's may be set too low. What SW does in a drawing with silhouette edges is to iterate along the face till it finds the edge. The quality setting in options determines how hard SW tries. It is a performance tradeoff. When edges you know should be there are not then set the quality higher.


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Thanks, Manager. We found that we had to set BOTH sliders to max to get the drawing views to look right. P..., I should have mentioned that it was ALL silhouette edges that disappeared, but they are back now.

Thanks to all, Ian

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Bill Baffin

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