New RivaTuner is Out!

For any of you using new FX hardware (not me) - there is a new RivaTuner supporting more stuff:

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Markus Wankus
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Thanks Markus, I was hoping there would be SoftQuadro 4 support for the latest drivers, 45.23, however I'm not having any luck installing the patch.

Also, the readme file has this to say...

"Note: due to NVIDIA runtime decryption system and patch script protection system, introduced in the Detonator 44.67, you will not be able to install miniport related patch scripts on the protected drivers (44.67 - 44.71 and 45.20+)".

Makes sense since I've had so many problems with those drivers.

There is also this...

"This script allows you to block the protection against PCI DeviceID modification on NV17/NV25 and unlock the most of professional features on these graphics processors on the Detonator 27.00 - 42.51".

Any comments group?

Mike Wilson

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Mike J. Wilson

I'm not sure if I can help - but it also says this:

""" However, you can patch 45.20 and newer protected Direct3D drivers using DetonatorFXDecoder utility and DetonatorFXD3DAntiprotector patch script. """

As well as:

"""" Bundled DetonatorFXDecoder utility for Windows 2000/XP. This utility allows you to remove runtime Direct3D driver code encryption in the Detonator

45.20 - 52.10.

Added DetonatorFXD3DAntiprotector patch script for the Detonator 45.xx and higher for Windows 2000/XP. This script must be used in conjunction with DetonatorFXDecoder and it is aimed to block the driver's patch protection system. """

Which would seem to indicate to me the 45.20 and newer drivers could be patched with the included DetonatorFXDecoder and DetonatorFXD3DAntiprotector patch script. Of course, I have no idea what those are because I don't have a newer card...

HTH Mark.

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Markus Wankus

Yeah I saw that but since SolidWorks uses OpenGL, I figured it wouldn't help. Haven't tried it though.


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Mike J. Wilson

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