For all of you Mold people out there....

Had an intresting discussion about creating a core and cavity on a part. It
is kind of hard to explain but I will do my best.
-Using the revolve feature, draw a shape so that when you are
done it looks like it has a half sphere at the top, and lines coming off of
it and close it off at the bottom so that it would be able to stand on its
own. (if you think of a key hole of a jewelery chest that is just a basic
shape from the front view)
- Once it is revolved, if you were to say use split line to split
the surface in half, create a parting line off of that, and then say use a
ruled surface at the 3* draft outwards.
- If you spin the model around you will see that the ruled
surface and the upper half of the mold would not be a smooth tangent
I hope that I explained it well enough for anyone here to figure our a
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Arthur Y-S
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Without looking at your part it's hard to say, but it sounds to me like you're describing the need for a stepped parting line. Can you post a link to a picture?
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unfortunately, I dont have that ability..
you're describing the need for a stepped parting
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Arthur Y-S
Hard to get a good mental picture, but it sounds like a mechanical (analytic) type shape. Is the 3* draft for a step transition. If it is it really should be more like 5*. From your description, it sounds like the parting line would be flat. (or I'm just not getting it)
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