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Just to let you guys know, we have just got our second seat of SW2004 pro! Nothing special you might think, but our chairman hates PC's and would like us to use one pencil and one piece of A5 paper between us, so it is great.

The selling point was showing him, that a new range design could be done in

3 weeks, without having to make and remake all of the parts on the shop floor. The cost of manufacturing has been greatly reduced, by trying the ideas on screen and not on the shop floor. He could see the final product on the screen and on print-outs. This was done with one person (little o'l me) and with over 400 parts mostly drawn but a few downloaded from 3Dcentral. I was even able to do some simple stress analysis to prove that a current part was unsuitable for the new range. With the help from you guys here, I was able to show parts moving in unison with limited travel. rather cool , I must say! Even better was changing the machine size, using configurations and design tables, just by clicking the mouse.

Eat your heart out Autocad, it took me 2 months, with the last new range, with your 2D package. :S

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Pete Newbie
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Always a joy to see a success story - thanks. Enjoy your learning.


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Wayne Tiffany

Yeah, how do you like that? Lots of my clients have their own engineering/design departments and end up switching to SW after my presentations.

Working on photorealistic renderings (a la Brian Hill style photorealistic) lately and getting a lot of attention. Shinies love that stuff.

Jeff Mowry > Just to let you guys know, we have just got our second seat of SW2004 pro!

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Jeff Mowry

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