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I have rendered some nice models using only SolidWorks materials and indirect illumination. When trying to add some transparency to a component it does render transparent, but not glass-like as I would like it. The model's transparent area appears to be divided into small squared dots. Can anyone help me?

Thank you.

/ Kasper

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That sounds like "dithering". What are the settings in "tools"-"options"-"performance"-"tranparency" ??


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If I remember correctly this was a problem years back in the pre PW2 version - in that software you needed to increase the amount of internal reflections to get the black dots to go. I think it was the number of bounces or some such name. Look for that sort of thing to change in the settings fot the illumination.


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set your refractions to more than 5 and try that going up till till the black dots dissapear

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Make sure that you go to the scenery tab and tell the lights to render transparent. A lot of ppl miss this option when first starting out in PW.

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It was as simple as that :-) That you very much!

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