Prototype machine shop that can take SW files

Hello. I am in a school project making a hydraulic assembly in
SolidWorks. I need to make some prototypes. The device I am designing
is a square billet aluminum block 15x15x15cm that has a circular bore
(cylinder) in the center. There is a piston inside the cylinder sort to
speak. The clearance between the cylinder and the piston is approx
5/100mm to 1/10mm or in this range.
There are some triangular holes in the piston in the center and some
holes in the hudraulic block with threads.
Could anybody on this list recommend a US or European machine shop that
could make such a prototype in small qty to a reasonable cost ?
Shipping from US is often easier than from Europe and I think prices
are better ! I am located in Northern Europe.
Hope this is not too off topic, but it is SW related and I know this
list has many experienced members in the design and machining field.
Hyd Man.
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You can send your parts to:
Glenn Berry JMC Machine
or to:
Brandon Lisk 101 Machine
Either vendor can work from SolidWorks parts (or a STEP file). We have used both shops several times.
Montie Roland Montie Design
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Montie your local SolidWorks VAR closest to you and simply ask them for a couple local machine shops.
Bo wrote:
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