Re: DAMMIT tell me I'm not alone!!

No problem downloading SP3.0 with IE-6.

> > This is kind of a longshot, but have you tried deleting your temporary > internet files and cookies? Doing this has solved other problems I've > had with IE. > > Good Luck > > >> Now I've been told by my client that they're having the same problems >> with the subscription service Download page as I am, and yet the >> webmaster is telling me nobody else has any problems and they've made no >> changes lately. So where is everybody?
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Mark - I've tried all these too. Zone alarm and AVG are my firewall and virus protector. I turned them off - I set IE to accept anything. I cleared out all cache and temp files. I reloaded IE6 - still no luck.

However if you are more tenatious than me and find a way to getIE6 to work can you let me know !!



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Just a thought, though maybe not too practical. Take your machine to someone else's house that has a different ISP or cable, etc. and try it there. If it works fine, then that gives you a clue. If it doesn't, then there is still something in your configuration that is an issue.


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