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Opteron processors have Hypertransport links between CPU's, so memory latency to another CPU's memory is very low. Only a few cylcles. Contrast this with Xeon systems, which have to share their front-side bus for access to system RAM.

The real limitations would be with Windows, which doesn't support the NUMA memory architecture. This would prevent Windows from using memory installed on anything but CPU 0.

On all your other points, I hope he was just joking...

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Dale Dunn
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There are a couple of things about this board.

  1. It is for multiprocessing which SW can't take advantage of.
  2. The RAM sockets are allocated for each processor, 4 for the first and 2 each for the other three processors.
  3. AMD's multiprocessor model allocates RAM separately for each processor which means that they cannot access each others data.
  4. There are four RAM slots for the main processor which is more than most AMD mobos offer and are necessary when running large amounts of RAM. This is a big plus unless you care to buy 2GB DIMMs which would be very expensive if you could find them.
  5. The graphics card is > if i was in the market for buying a computer id buy this one.
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> >> Well, here's what I'm doing... >> >> MSI K8T8 Neo FIS2R >> Athlon64 3400+ >> QuadroFX 1100 video >> 2x 512MB Mushkin PC3700 low-latency (It's a little faster than necessary) >> >> It scores about 30 seconds on the ship-in-a-bottle. >> >> Cool n' quiet is enabled, on-demand overclocking is not. Cool n' quiet is >> a nice feature the P4 can't match. The CPU clock speed is reduced when >> not under load, allowing the temperature sensitive fan to slow down when >> the CPU is cool. This makes for a very quiet workstation. I also used the >> Antec Sonata case and made sure my hard drives use fluid bearings >> (Seagate Barracudas). >> >> Ths only instability I've had is that I need to reboot periodically due >> to a keyboard failure. It just stops working. I imagine that switching to >> a newer keyboard would fix it, but I don't want to give up my Anykey. I >> can't blame this on the CPU or chipset because I've had similar problems >> on previous systems (even the legendary 440BX, IIRC). The Anykey is just >> a little sensitive.
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Besides what everyone else pointed out,,, there's no AGP slot

You're joking....right ???


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small price to pay if you can rebuild 4 solidworks models at the same time.

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Sean Phillips

Don't know about you, but I find "wet RAM" to be a limiting factor--I can't THINK about four models in any real way, so who cares if I can rebuild them all at the same time?

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Yeah, who needs to see them on the screen anyway?

Jeff Mowry Industrial Designhaus, LLC

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"GETRIDOFTHIS" from email address)

Sean Phillips wrote:

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Jeff Mowry

small price to pay if you rebuild 4 models at the same time

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Sean Phillips

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