Re: disable certain hole wizard tapped hole sizes?

What would be the best way to prevent a user from selecting certain
> tapped hole sizes in the hole wizard? I would rather not actually
> delete any of the tapped hole sizes but rather disable or hide certain
> ones that we do not want used.
> Thanks, Sam
Open SWX, Go to "System Options, Data Options, Edit Standards Data, Expand
"Ansi Inch", Expand "Hole Wizard Holes" Expand "Tapped holes", Pick "Tapped
Hole", Pick "Sizes", Disable the ones you don't want. You can pretty much
Disable anything in Toolbox. I have created several different standards for
my various customers for tapped holes, bolt lengths etc.
Good Luck
Mike Eckstein
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Michael Eckstein
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That is exactly what I tried to do before posting but it will not let me do anything in that edit data window. When I get down to the section showing the tables for bottoming tapped holes and tapped holes there is a yellow lock icon next to the entry for each table and I cannot do anything. It appears that my tables are read only and I cannot make any changes. Do you see the yellow lock icon when you edit your tables? When you say "Disable the ones you don't want", do you mean that you actually see a button or check box labeled "disable". I do not see anything like that. I forgot to include that I am using 2004sp3.0.
Michael Eckste> > What would be the best way to prevent a user from selecting certain
pretty much
standards for
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Sam, I see the yellow lock, but pick the locked "tapped hole" anyway. You should get 2 options coming up, "general" and "sizes" pick "sizes". You should then see all the different sizes with the option to "disable". I believe the lock means you cannot delete the Ansi standard data. This is the way it works in 2005,..... 2004??? you may have to create a derived standard and go from there.
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Michael Eckstein
I am going to assume this is a limitation in 2004 because I am just not seeing the picks you are talking about, thanks for trying to help...Maybe I will install 2005 and start checking it out to see if it is time to implement it where I work.
Thanks aga> Sam,
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