Re: Mars snail - Hey Paul

Maybe your snail design could be an appropriate trademark/mascot
for swx2004.
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bill allemann
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HA!!! LOL!!
Hat's off to Paul !!
(and you bill. I really didn't see this one coming)
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Eddy Hicks
Man, I did not see one coming either.
SnailWorks,... a new tailored add-in for post sp3 beta users!
.. (salt and open wounds included)
bill allemann wrote:
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Paul Salvador
That's the problem! Someone sprinkled salt on the Solidworks developers!
SnailWorks... damn, it's got a good ring to it.
Sorry, couldn't resist. Really, SW Developers, we appreciate you and thank you daily. We know it's not your fault that the marketing engine at SW drives development and release schedules. It's that way everywhere. We feel your pain. Now get back to work.
- Eddy
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Eddy Hicks
Ah yes, technology moving at a snails pace.
(Had to post something for the folks a SWWorld so they have something to read when they get back).
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Mike J. Wilson

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